MimicCreme’s Non-Dairy, Non-Soy Cream Substitute Wins Best New Consumable Product Showcase Award at Annual 2007 NACDS Marketplace Show In Boston

Wednesday, June 26, 2007.
Published in Yahoo, Dow Jones Marketwatch, Morningstar News, Dallas Morning News. MomMD, BusinessMVP, Storenext, WHAS News11, WMSL (UK)

ALBANY, NY.—Green Rabbit LLC’s MimicCreme was the winner in the consumables category for “Best New Product” at the NACDS Marketplace show in Boston where over 130,000 retail chain drug, club and value retailers throughout the U.S. look for the hottest new products. The win sets a tone for the market as health and wellness products are making a mark in a snack orientated retail channel.

MimicCreme introduced four new products at the marketplace show that include MimicCreme Cream Substitute, MimicCreme Sweetened, MimicCreme Sugar Free and MimicCreme Coffee Cream Substitute.

MimicCreme is unique as it the first 100% all natural, 100% Kosher, 100% Vegan, 100% lactose free, 100% gluten free non-dairy and non-soy cream substitute in the market that is made primarily from a wholesome blend of cashews and almonds. MimicCreme’s cream substitute products are a very delicious alternative to dairy cream to satisfy people who don't eat dairy foods for health or ethical reasons. Consumers no longer have to eliminate those foods they love to eat or have been forbidden from eating.

Rose Anne Jarrett, CEO, Founder, and the developer of MimicCreme stated “We are pleased to be able to offer to both the professional and home chef these heart-healthy and body-wise food products. Each MimicCreme product is a naturally simple yet completely versatile recipe addition that frees chefs to create nutritious and deliciously healthy meals without loss of flavor, texture, or taste..”

All MimicCreme products are 100% naturally rich in many essential amino acids and anti-oxidant vitamins, which are a key to a long life and healthy heart. All MimicCreme products are naturally made so there are zero trans fat, zero saturated fat, and zero cholesterol to help to maintain dietary and nutritional requirements.


About Green Rabbit LLC.

Green Rabbit LLC. an Albany, New York-based company, is an innovator of cream substitute products and coffee creamers that are made with a healthy blend of cashews and almonds. Green Rabbit LLC. recently launched MimicCreme Sweetened, MimicCreme, Cream Substitute, MimicCreme Sugar Free, and MimicCreme Coffee Creamer which proved to be a forerunner in the cream substitute and coffee creamer categories. MimicCreme was instantaneously recognized for being visionaries when the company was awarded “The Best New Product” in the consumables category at the NACDS show in Boston, June 23-26, 2007. MimicCreme products come in one quart and one pint Tetra Pak packages which make them shelf stable and do not need refrigeration until they are opened.
MimicCreme products can be used in place of dairy and dairy cream can be used by home cooks and professional chef’s who want to retain the flavor, taste and texture when making their favorite entree’s, appetizers, sauces, and gravy, ice cream, shakes and smoothies, coffee, or when baking cookies, cakes, and desserts. Green Rabbit is immersed in a national roll-out through strategic retail partners and is expected to be available to its target consumers in all geographic areas.

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