I love my Mimiccreme and so do my patients. Who says you have to compromise in the kitchen. This outstanding line of products actively protects against cardiovascular disease and cancer. With zero cholesterol and uncompromised taste, it incorporates well into stews, soups, desserts and casseroles. When my patients switch to Mimiccreme I look forward to their baseline labs 6 weeks later. Generally, we see normal cholesterol and blood sugar levels without the use of pharmaceutical medications. Every doctor in America should be recommending Mimiccreme to their patients. Food is medicine and this is medicine that tastes good. Patients even feel full and eat less because this rich mixture is so satisfying for the gut brain. Thank you Mimiccreme for helping my patients to make life-sustaining dietary changes. -- I Guggenheim, ND, MS, CNS, Nyack, NY
MMMMMMmmmm. Yum. I just bought my first container of MimicCream. You have done it! Congratulations on formulating a product that is actually wonderfully delicious in coffee. I did not think it could be done! Thank you! -- K Allen, Duncan, BC
Your product, unsweetened mimiccreme cream alternative, is fabulous. Never stop making it! I use it in espresso coffee, and it creates a beautiful espresso coffee. Thank you very much for making this superb product!!! I have waited a long time to find such a perfect unsweetened cream alternative that was a vegan product. Thanks again!!! --J.Longo, Clearwater, FL
I love every type of mimiccream I have tried. I think I have tried them all. I am thankful for healthy alternatives that taste very, very delicious. Thank you for these products! ----A. Edwards, Woodland, WA
I LOVE your shelfstable Whipping Cream!!!! I'm a proficient baker and cook but had never heard of this. My daughter and her family must be Gluten and Dairy Free so I am adjusting all my old recipes. While visiting them last month, I was introduced to your shelf stable cream and I was AMAZED at the FANTASTIC taste and the texture of the product. My little home town don't carry the product but I will drive to Dallas (50) miles to get it. ----J. King, Dallas, TX
" Hello, thank you so much for your wonderful products!!! I am in looooove. I am drinking a cup of coffee with it right now. It's so fun to wake up !!!" --S. Romero, Deerfield Beach, FL
I am shouting the praises of this product from the rooftop to whoever will listen! I love it! There is just one little thing. The spout is so bad and eventually it separates from the package all together... I really hope you folks are looking into a revamp because then..... perfection is yours!! ---J. Sotomayor, Toronto, ONT
reply from MimicCreme: We have very good news! We are getting ready for the next production run of our product lines (available July 2011)and each one (excepting the Healthy Top) will be packaged in a new shape, in a new size, and with brand new spout systems!! Hooray!!! The cartons will be all 16 oz, in Tetra Prisma shape (sort of cylindrical) with a screw off top that reseals beautifully. Wow! We've been waiting for this change-over for quite some time. We never liked those pesky spouts but had no choice but to use them....until now. Thank you so much for your patience.
Mimic creme is by far the best creme substitute I have found. Thanks for making an amazing and Kosher Pareve product. We put mimic creme whipped topping on baked apples, delicious! Any plans to make a creme cheese substitute or a sour creme substitute? The current creme cheese substitutes ruin a perfectly good bagel... Warm Regards, Lara-Miya, San Francisco, CA Thanks for a great product!
I love your product! It worked very well in a recipe for beef stroganoff in place of the sour cream. My friends didn't even know the difference! Thank you! --S. Lester, Renton, WA
We love your product. Your Mimic Creme is AMAZING! Our dairy allergic family has been using it in our recipes with such awesome results. I wanted to let you know that I have created an iPhone and iPad application called Cook IT Allergy Free that allows people with food allergies to customize any recipe with safe substitutions. The application will consist of hundreds of gluten free recipes that can be customized to meet most food allergy needs. With a simple tap, users can trade out their allergen(s) in any of the recipes with safe substitutions for eggs, butter, milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cream, sour cream, cream cheese, cheeses, nuts, nut butters, corn syrup, and soy. Users can save their customized recipes to their Recipe Box and to their Grocery List where the ingredients will be organized by Aisle or by Recipe. Users will also be able to share recipes through Facebook, Twitter, and Email. I wanted to tell you that I have included your Mimic Creme in our application as a substitution for where ever Light or Heavy cream appears in any recipe. Your product will show as an option for substitution. If the user chooses your product, then your product will be added to their Grocery List. My main goal with this application is to truly take the stress out of allergy free cooking! My other main intention is to donate a good portion of my proceeds to the very companies that will help bring more awareness to this scary increase in diagnose of both Celiac Disease and Food Allergies that our country is facing. I just wanted to let you know that I have included your product in the iPhone application with a direct link to your site. If, however, you decide you do not want to be included, please let me know. Here is the link to the application in case you want to check it out: Thank you so much for providing an amazing product. Kim Maes My Allergy Free Recipes, LLC, Scottsdale, AZ

I NEEDED to thank you for creating this product.. Really, you have herein increased the quality of my life! It's SO hard for me, being lactose and soy intollerant, to find such substitutes. THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU GUYS! ---E.Gihuly, Arlington, VA
JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK YOU!!! I too have tried all the dairy alternatives and was wondering why someone couldn't make a product more like cream that was truly non-dairy and all natural. I almost jumped up and down in the aisle of the health food store when I saw your product. I love it! Thank you again! ---P. O'Reilly, Doylestown, PA
Thanks for a great product My son can't have dairy and misses pudding.He can not have soy either.I made him rice pudding today with your pro.and he loved it.And I think it tasted the same as regular pudding.I am so happy!Thanks. ---K.Mackay, Pittsburgh, PA
Hello, I just wanted to tell you how much I absolutely LOVE your product! I have been unable to have any milk products,(also soy, beef or pork) for 11 years now. I love food and I love to cook and these food allergies have been extremely frustrating. Thank you so much for bringing some joy back into my life! Sincerely, Loraine
Thank you for making this product available at my local Raley's store in No. California. My daughter is 9 years old with severe autism and many food allergies. She loved the cream of broccoli soup! She got an ice cream maker for Christmas, so we are ready to make our first batch of ice cream! Yum! -- J. Huff, Fairfield, CA
My son was diagnosed 3 years ago with an anaphylactic dairy allergy. Mint chocolate chip ice cream has been the one thing he misses most. Well he misses it no longer. I have a very very happy 7 yr old with a green mouth. THANK YOU!!!!! ---E. Welsh, Hopkinton, NH
Can't wait to try it on more things. Having just had all things with dairy and gluten removed from my coming from Wisconsin where I grew up skimming the cream off the top of the milk cooler............I can’t tell you how happy your product has made me today after making a fantastic seafood chowder using mimiccreme.  Thank you so much! -- S. Meyer, Maple Valley, WA
I LOVE MimicCreme! I am definitely spreading the word about your fabulous product. --B. Guthrie, Hartford, CT
Wow! I just made the most delicious chocolate MimicCreme-shake for my kids and they absolutely loved it. I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease (gluten intolerance) and have a whole string of food allergies, including dairy. My ten-year-old is being tested for the same and was just taken off of dairy today. It's tough news when you're told you can't have your favorite foods anymore. It was so awesome to serve him up this incredibly delicious shake today of all days. It was as good if not better than milk-shakes I've made in the past. Thank you for making me his hero tonight! --J. Conti, Murieta, CA
I'm a proficient cook and occasional private chef, and my wife is lactose intolerant. Having tried everything from pureed rice to soy (cloyingly sweet) to Lactaid (also sweet, and develops an annoying film when heated) to coconut milk (insurmountably overpowering), I did yet another search a few days ago and discovered your product. I'm blown away. It's neutral, the right consistency, the right measurement, and most of all it behaves correctly. So far I've made a seafood bisque I would defy my chef/foodie friends to criticize, and a torta (think big fat frittata). Anyway, I'm hooked. My home catalogue has suddenly expanded, and I'm grateful. Feel free to use any of my comments promotionally. This is a brilliant product that doesn't shortchange anyone's highest food expectations. Best wishes,--J.M. Umlauf
Just want to tell you that you have a great product. I made cream of wild mushroom soup this weekend and it was delicious. Thank you for coming up with a wonderful tasting cream substitute. --L. Major, Winter Park FL
Thank you!!!! We are a dairy free household and your fabulous products have been a life saver!!! We feel like we can eat again!!—R. Jeffreys, Pepperell MA
Yes, please feel free to use my e-mail. I'm trying to get the word out to as many people as possible, about mimiccreme. The taste is so similar to cream, that even my cat begs for it!

He won't stop me-ow-ing when I'm eating oatmeal with your mimiccreme on it, because he gets to lick the bowl afterwards (I leave some mimiccreme in the bottom of the bowl for him). You know you've got a million dollar product when even the cat is fooled into thinking its cream! My cat never begs for regular soy milk, rice milk, or almond milk.—M. Murphy
Our grandchildren loved the ice cream and didn't even notice a difference from store bought! We actually gave them a choice whether they wanted store bought or Gramma's homemade (just in case) and they chose Gramma's.
I'm so glad that there's are quality products out there that I can rely on that substitute for high fat, high sugar cow's milk. Thank you for your fantastic product! I'll continue to purchase it at the Mustard Seed in Oswego, NY.—J. Herbert
I just wanted to write and tell you that I made the most wonderful ice cream with your product. I am a non-soy vegan so it is very difficult for me to find vegan ice cream products. I purchased your product through Veganessentials just to try out. I even purchased an ice cream maker to make the ice cream (chocolate chip mint). It was absolutely fabulous and I just purchased 6 quarts from you today. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you—J. Ervin, Newark CA
I had to send a love letter. I have been gluten, dairy and soy free for a few years now and the thing I missed the most was the texture of creamy things. I bought your sugar free sweetened and almost cried when I tasted it (I'm not kidding). I whole world opened up to me, and I am etermally grateful. First up was ice cream, which tasted wonderful, next is clam chowder. The list goes on. Thank you very, very much!!! --D. Johnson, Norton, MA
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Everything has soy in it, which myself and my daughters are allergic to. So keep up the good work.—E. Bergdoll, Burnham ME
THANK YOU!!! I have been looking for a vegetarian substitute for cream and have not been able to find anything. So now I can make the recipes I love and my children love.—S. Underwood, Austell GA
I was hoping your product would live up to your claims. I was not disappointed, In fact it surpassed anything I could have imagined. I have already ordered and received 3 more boxes of each flavor. I veganized a long-time family ice cream recipe last night and we were blown away! Three friends that are not vegan all tasted it and they all loved it. The true test will be tomorrow when I have 40 people to my home for dinner and one of the dessert will be vegan ice cream...featuring Mimic Creme! I have told my friend who owns a health food store that he needs to contact you and begin stocking it. We live in the San Joaquin Valley ("Beef Country"), but have a large, and growing, vegetarian/vegan community. I cook every week for anywhere from 15-40 people. I "veganize" recipes that are familiar to I can see myself using your product very often. Thank you for the samples and for making a great product!—T.Thompson, Bakersfield CA
I cook for one of the 50 wealthiest people in the US. Was recently asked to make "healthier" menus that aren't so fat laden - even though he loves his dairy and meat (Chicago being rather meat centric). He was most surprised to find out that I use loads of vegetarian/vegan substitutes, including Mimic Creme, in sauces, soups and many desserts. Thought you would enjoy the "testimonial". – L York, Chicago IL
"Hello, Not enough people take the time to give compliments, so I just wanted to let you know that I really love your product.

I have been searching for an alternative for light cream to use in my coffee, and now I have finally found a product that tastes good! Also your 'cream' past the test with my 14 year old daughter (who has something negative to say about many things these days) told me that her fruit smoothie has never tasted better and asked "what did I use?" I showed here the product and she admitted that she will continue to use and to order more. Thanks---A. Frizzi, Danvers MA
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