The MimicCreme Story

Rose Anne Colavito, our company founder, couldn't believe it. She was pretty knowledgeable about food, having worked in the restaurant business and then later catering to professional musicians, but when doctor's orders called for eliminating dairy products from the family menus, she was unable to find a single substitute for cream that didn't ruin her favorite recipes, including those for ice cream and semifreddo.
She tried many different non-dairy substitutes (none of them approximating that consistency of cream.) Soy products. Rice products. All kinds of different grain products. All just inferior.

So, Rose Anne figured there was nothing else to do but create that perfect CREAM substitute herself.

And that's just what she did. By testing an exhaustive series of combinations from a variety of ingredients she finally arrived at the right blend of flavor, taste and texture.

And thus, MimicCreme, the product, and our company, was born.

Since then, we've had the chance to share MimicCreme with the most demanding of chefs. They've tried it in their own favorite recipes. The conclusion has been unanimous – MimicCreme really does mimic the taste of real cream.

It's the product we've all been waiting for.

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