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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When I twist off the outer cap on the carton, I find that the inner foil seal is broken. Is this correct? Shouldn't that seal be intact?

A. The twist-off carton caps are specifically designed to break or tear open the inner seal as you twist open the outer cap. You will notice on the underside of the cap small teeth-- these tear through the inner protective seal as you initially twist the cap open. Prior to twisting off the cap the inner seal will be uncompromised and the sterility of the product is assured.


Q. If I refrigerate (or Freeze) Healthy Top prior to whipping --it gets solid and you can't "shake well" as instructed on the box. Is there something wrong with it?
A. Healthy Top is a liquid at temperatures above 76 degrees Fahrenheit. At that point you can "Shake Well." However, Healthy Top contains a good amount of virgin coconut oil which is solid at temperatures below 76 degrees Fahrenheit, so if it is pre-chilled before opening you won't be able to "Shake Well" and it will NOT pour. It will be more of a solid similar to ice cream. There is nothing wrong with it-- in fact, it's acting exactly as it's naturally intended to. You get the very best whip if HT is thoroughly chilled to 40 degrees F or lower, so we recommend pre-chilling thoroughly.
Let's rewrite our preparation instructions. We all can use more clarity in our lives! Here you go: Each 1/2 cup of Healthy Top will whip to approximately 1 cup of whipped cream. If you have NOT pre-chilled the carton, when you need whipping cream, open the carton from the cupboard and pour out the amount you anticipate needing into your mixing bowl. Cover the bowl tightly and place it in the freezer or refrigerator. Chill thoroughly. (Place the remaining HT in an airtight container; seal that container in a ziplock bag and store in the freezer for future use. It will last up to 4 months if kept airtight. If the carton is already chilled and solid, cut open the top with scissors or a knife---use caution!-- and scoop out the amount you wish to whip. If the HT is too solid let it soften until the consistency of ice cream, then scoop.) When the Healthy Top you are ready to whip is chilled completely, it will be very thick, almost solid. Mash your beaters into it and begin whipping. The colder and harder the HT-- the stiffer the whipped cream will be. Whip to desired stiffness. There you go! We hope this makes prep easier. We apologize for the confusing instructions on the Healthy Top cartons. We are making changes to the cartons on all future production runs.

Can I freeze or refrigerate already whipped Healthy Top for later use?
A. You may both freeze or refrigerate whipped Healthy Top. Just be certain that it is stored in an airtight container.   In the freezer, place a film of stretch wrap over the HT and then seal with cover of container. This should assure that the moisture in the whipped cream will not dissipate over the time it is stored in the freezer (moisture loss results in the compression of the foam into a denser whip). I think you are safe to keep it frozen for a month this way. It should then be thawed in the refrigerator before using. If it deflates, remember that you can quickly re-whip it to stiff peaks.   Whipped Healthy Top can be stored in the refrigerator (also covered tightly) for about a week. It will not weep or shrink.

Q. How do I get the stiffest peaks from my Healthy Top?
A. Place the carton in the FREEZER at least one hour prior to whipping. You want to have the Healthy Top as cold as possible before you begin whipping. Even if Healthy Top freezes solid it still will give you a fabulous whip. Should it freeze solid, just thaw it until it is the consistency of ice cream. As soon as can get your beaters into it, start whipping. (Future cartons will have these instructions on them, by the way.)

Q. Do you make a lite whipping cream?
A. We presently have only one version of Healthy Top. However, by simply adding 1/2 cup of ICE water to each pint of Healthy Top and following the instructions outlined in the question above, you will achieve a lite stiff whip.

Q. Is it normal to find lumps in the MimicCreme as I pour it?
A. Yes, that is perfectly normal. All MimicCreme products are processed aseptically, which assures their extended shelf-life at room temperatures. During those periods of extended storage, the ingredients can tend to agglomerate (or join together) naturally. (They just can't resist each other any longer!! Sorry.) So, shake well before opening and the lumps will cook-out or blend-out as your recipe proceeds.

Q.Will MimicCreme separate in dark-roast coffee?
A. The term for the appearance of cream-substitute-separation in acidic solutions is, "Feathering." Such feathering, which is akin to milk curdling and which gives an undesirable appearance to the coffee, may occur when the coffee brew is acidic and/or when the coffee brew is made with hard water containing a high proportion of calcium and/or magnesium ions. Feathering does not impart any taste-changes. MimicCreme Unsweetened Almond & Cashew Cream for Coffee has been formulated with buffering additives that prevent it from "feathering" in most acidic liquids.

Q. Is it normal to see tiny dark-brown flecks or specks in your products?
A. Yes, that is definitely normal. All MimicCreme products are made from whole almonds and cashews and although we remove the nut skins in order to give our cream alternatives the palest of color, sometimes an errant almond skin will squeak by in the processing of the nuts prior to production. These flecks/specks are perfectly wholesome to eat.

Q. What is di potassium phosphate?
A. Di Potassium Phosphate is a highly water-soluble salt, which is often used as a food additive and buffering agent. It is a common source of phosphorus and potassium. As a food additive, Dipotassium Phosphate is on the FDA's “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) list of substances. It is sometimes sold as a food additive to help with headaches.

Q. Are all your ingredients VEGAN?
A. Absolutely. We have spent a great deal of time searching out the best possible 100% VEGAN ingredients. Although it is very easy to find non-Vegan (and less-expensive) versions of most of our ingredients, we weren't satisfied until we found truly Vegan versions of these ingredients. We then fully "vetted" each and every one, to be sure they were all from certified VEGAN (and Kosher) sources and processed using no animal products or by-products whatsoever.

Q. Is your sugar processed using animal "bone char?"
A. No. The sugar refining industry often uses bone char (calcinated animal bones) for de-colorizing. This may concern some Vegans and vegetarians. About a quarter of the sugar in the US gets processed using bone char as a filter. The remaining gets processed with activated carbon. Rest assured, MimicCreme uses only uses sugar processed using the activated carbon method.

Q. Can I freeze MimicCreme once it is opened?
A. Yes. We just remind you that it will need to be placed back in the refrigerator (not on the countertop!) to thaw for a full day. (You don't want any ice crystals to be present in the product.) Then simply shake well to thoroughly re-incorporate the cream's ingredients.

Q. What is maltodextrin?
A.  Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide that is used as a food additive. It is produced from starch and is usually found as a creamy-white hygroscopic powder. Maltodextrin is easily digestible, being absorbed as rapidly as glucose. Maltodextrin can be derived from any starch. In the US, this starch is usually rice, corn or potato. Elsewhere, such as in Europe, it is commonly wheat. This is important for coeliacs, since the wheat-derived maltodextrin can contain traces of gluten. There have been recent reports of coeliac reaction to maltodextrin in the United States. This might be a consequence of the shift of corn to ethanol production and its replacement with wheat in the formulation.

Q. Is the maltodextrin in MimicCreme corn-based?
A. Yes. So, consequently, the maltodextrin in MimicCreme is Gluten-Free.

Q. What is erythritol?
A. Erythritol is a natural sugar alcohol (a type of sugar substitute) which has been approved for use in the United States and throughout much of the world. It occurs naturally in fruits and fermented foods. Typically, at the industrial level, it is produced from glucose by fermentation with a yeast, Moniliella pollinis. This yeast is usually sourced from bee-pollen. HOWEVER, we searched extensively for an Erythritol fermented on 100% VEGAN-sourced yeasts. No bee by-products were involved in its manufacture. This Erythritol is 60-70% as sweet as table sugar, yet it is virtually non-caloric, will not affect blood sugar, does not promote tooth decay, and is absorbed by the body. It therefore is unlikely to cause gastric side effects, which is not the case with other sugar alcohols.

Q. Can you explain why I have noticed inconsistencies in the color of MimicCreme?
A. MimicCreme's primary ingredients, Almonds and Cashews, (Real live foods) are subject to the whims of "MOTHER NATURE." These nuts vary in taste and color from region to region and within those regions from harvest process to harvest process. Cashew plantations are located in the tropical areas of Africa, Asia, South America and Southeast Asia, while Almond orchards are predominantly in the western USA with Spain, Italy, Greece, Iran, Tunisia, Morocco, Portugal and Australia contributing to the world production of that nut. There's a lot of potential for variation then. Yet, we do not mess with Mother Nature. Instead, we use what "she" provides-- with pleasure! Other companies might add a typical food whitener (such as Titanium Dioxide) to their products to assure color consistency throughout all their production runs, BUT we feel that the addition of those color whiteners is unnecessary and ultimately subtracts from the nutritional goodness inherent in the Nuts themselves.

Q. How do I find out where I can get MimicCreme?
A. Please click here
Q. Is there anyway I can try a sample of MimicCreme before I buy it?
A. Some stores have in-store demos, allowing you to sample our products before you buy. Check with the stores nearest you to see if they have an upcoming demo scheduled. If not, recommend that they schedule one! We would support them 100%, should they want to do that.

Q. Do you offer wholesale pricing?
A. Yes. Please call 518-391-2824 or email us at: info@mimiccreme.com and we would be happy to quote you a wholesale price to qualified buyers.

Q. Do you offer discount coupons?
A.No. Not at this time. We hope to in the future.

Q. Is MimicCreme gluten-free?
A. Yes! We have put great effort into formulating our MimicCreme product line to be completely Gluten-Free.

Q. Does MimicCreme whip?
A. Although our present MimicCreme versions will not whip, we have launched a whip-able product, which is called "HEALTY TOP"™. Healthy Top (tm) is a whip-able, non-dairy cream based on almonds and cashews, (just like our regular MimicCreme).

Q. Are all your ingredients non-GMO?
A. Yes.

Q: Can I buy MimicCreme outside the United States?
A: We are currently working on distribution agreements with many companies that ultimately will bring our products into the continents of Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. We also will be shipping to Central and South America and Canada. Please check our website frequently for updates.

Q: Does MimicCreme come in Bulk Packaging?
A: If you require product in sizes larger than our retail packaging, please contact us. Each request will be analyzed on an individual basis.

Q: Are your products certified Kosher? If so, by which agency (OU, OK, etc.)?
A: All MimicCreme products are certified Kosher Pareve under the supervision of OU. Healthy Top is certified Kosher Pareve under the supervision of KOF-K.


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