Whipping Instructions

One quick note before we begin: If your HT was purchased from a dairy case where it was refrigerated or frozen OR if it was stored in a cool environment, it will be more of a solid than a liquid.

Here's why: Healthy Top whipping cream is made from pure Coconut Oil, Almonds, Cashews and other good stuff. Coconut Oil is a liquid above 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures below that will cause it to naturally solidify.
The carton top says, "shake well." Obviously, that can't happen if the HT is cold already. So, just disregard that instruction.

For the stiffest whip, freeze the carton of Healthy Top for at least one hour before whipping or refrigerate at least 3 hours prior to whipping. The colder the HT, the stiffer the whip.


This is going to be easy. Let's get started!

Each carton of Healthy Top will make over 4 cups of whipped cream.You might not need all that at one time. So, take out what you need and save the rest for future use. That makes sense, right?

Lift up the two triangular-shaped flaps on either side of the carton top (Figs 1 and 2), raise the center seam (Fig 3) and cut across the entire top--right at the base of the seam--with a pair of scissors or a knife (Use care when opening package with a knife.) (Fig 4). Scoop out whatever amount you will be needing into your mixing bowl. Use a heavy spatula or spoon to scoop because, the HT will be cold and hard. If the HT is too solid, let it sit a few minutes on the counter to soften a bit--to the consistency of ice cream (Fig 5). Pre-chilling your bowl and beaters makes whipping even easier. Dig your beaters into the cold HT to break it up a bit (Fig 6) and start whipping. Whip until desired stiffness, approximately 3-5 minutes depending on the speed of your mixer (Fig 7). Done.

For reference: 1/2 cup of Healthy Top will make about 1 cup of whipped cream.

(Put the remaining unused HT into an airtight container and seal that in a ziplock bag or some other type of bag and place it in your freezer for future use. We recommend dividing the unused portion into amounts you think you would use most often, say, 1/2 cup portions. If kept airtight it will last up to 6 months. When you want more whipped cream, take the HT portion out of the freezer and let sit on your counter for a minute or two until you can get your beaters into it easily. Whip and enjoy!

Watch our whipping instruction video on youtube:

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